Broadlands School


Welcome:  The following sets out to explain a little of the procedures at Broadlands School.

Timetable:  School Starts  9.00am

                    Break  10.30 – 10.55am                   Lunch  12.30 – 1.30pm

                    School Finishes   3.00pm

Transport:  Three buses operate via the school.  For inclusion on these, contact Go Bus Transport on ph (07) 846-1975.  The first bus arrives at school at approximately 8.05am and the last bus departs by 3.40pm. If children are cycling to school, please ensure helmets are worn and road safety rules applied.

Bulletin:  A community newsletter is distributed each Friday to all school families and district members as requested via email, our School App and our School Website.

Facebook:  We see Facebook as an excellent opportunity to connect with you, our parents/caregivers, whā​nau, wider school and local community to share information with you on a daily and weekly basis.

Home Learning:  Your ongoing support of the classroom teacher and their set home learning programme for your son/daughter is essential. Books need to be returned as required by the teachers.  Classroom Teachers will liaise directly with you with specific requirements

Learning Centre:  Children have an hour in the Learning Centre with Tracey every week. In this time they do an activity, have a book read to them and they may be issued with two books. Books can be kept at home for one week.

Pre-school Visits:  Approximately one month prior to starting school, children are invited to attend school sessions. Please coordinate these visits with our school office.

PTA: A very active parent group operates in support of the school. Forthcoming events are notified via the weekly school newsletter.

School Website: This contains information of importance to you such as Board of Trustees policy and financial documents, Annual Plans, Strategic Plans, Annual Targets and Charter. Class blogs can also be found there. You are invited to explore!

Book Club:  The school will send out flyers for the Scholastic Book Club approximately twice per term.  Cheques should be made payable to Broadlands School.

Reporoa Valley Schools Cluster Group:  We join six other local schools for sporting and cultural events during the year which are notified via the school newsletter.

Board of Trustees: Please feel free to contact any of the members should you wish to discuss any matter relating to school governance. School management is the sole responsibility of the Principal. Meetings are held at Broadlands School as advised through the weekly newsletter. Everyone is welcome.

Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8.45am – 3.15pm Wednesday 8.45am – 11.45am  

Absentees are to be notified by 9.15am to the School Office or classroom teacher by phone call, text, note or email. (not via students’ word of mouth!)

LOCKDOWN Protocol No.2