Broadlands School


Broadlands School promotes the three key virtues of RespectResponsibility and Resilience. In addition we identified 17 other virtues to support these. We believe it provides all stakeholders within the school’s community (students, staff, parents/caregivers and whānau) with a strong foundation for living their lives through the acquisition of supportive knowledge and skills. The virtues are RespectResponsibilityResilienceCo-operation, Cleanliness, Confidence, Excellence, Reliability, Caring, Honesty, Perseverance, Creativity, Loyalty, Helpfulness, Courtesy, Tolerance, Friendliness, Courage, Justice and Self-Discipline.

We have also added Initiative and Appreciation as two further Virtues we actively promote.

Virtuous behaviours are acknowledged and celebrated at our weekly school assembly with ‘Mr V’ awards. At all levels, our students are able to talk about and share their understanding of the virtues with others.

Virtues are naturally integrated into each and every day. Our virtues-based culture has been fully embedded into daily life at Broadlands School.