Broadlands School

Key Competencies

” Key competencies are the capabilities people have, and need to develop, to live and learn today and in the future.” – TKI / NZC online

The five New Zealand Curriculum key competencies are integrated in all areas of learning at Broadlands School.

  •     Thinking
  •     Using language, symbols and texts
  •     Managing self
  •     Relating to others,
  •     Participating and Contributing

”Capabilities that young people need for growing, working and participating in their communities and society” (NZ Curriculum, Page 38)

Key Competencies should challenge students to use and develop competencies across all NZ Curriculum Learning Areas (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, The Arts, Technology andte reo me tikanga Maori.

At Broadlands School, opportunities to demonstrate Key Competencies are integrated into teaching and learning programmes, assessed and reported upon, either formally or informally, within Progress Reports, Achievement Reports and ePortfolios.

Broadlands School has identified 20 key virtues which support progress and achievement around the Key Competencies. When the students are older, some may be able to strategise and be self-monitor based upon the evidence and knowledge they have of their own learning journey.