Broadlands School


What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a secure educational platform which stores your child’s learning which can be downloaded onto your chosen device at no cost to you. Through the app, it links up to the school so you can get ‘real-time’ notifications about your child’s learning througout any given day. 

Why use Seesaw?

  • Seesaw gives you a remote view into your child’s day here at Broadlands School. It is an engaging and easy way for us to share learning with you as learning happens.
  • As comments, digital images and videos are downloaded onto Seesaw, you have the opportunity to respond with a simple ‘like’ or even better, to comment on your child’s shared learning as it is shared.
  • Posts shared will be linked to the Learning Areas within the NZ Curriculum including Reading/Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, The Arts (visual and performing arts), Health & PE and Technology/Digital Technologies.
  • Where appropriate, NZ Curriculum Learning Areas suchas Reading, Writing and Mathematics, will indicate a level or stage of achievement.
  • Posts shared will also be linked to the NZ Curriculum Key Competencies and our 22 identified Virtues including our priority 3 R’s of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.
  • As Seesaw will share learning in ‘real-time’, there will be no waiting for the mid-year, end-of-year or anniversary reports as in 2020 (which we no longer offer).
  • Seesaw develops independence and what we call ‘learner agency’ where the students will take some responsibility for and ownership of their own learning by organising, presenting, commenting and then sharing their learning with you.

Whanau Tips

  • Your child’s teacher will give you a QR code that you can use to connect to your child’s journal.
  • ‘Like’ and comment on your child’s posts. It is very easy and quick to do.
  • Other family members and friends (e.g. grandparents, etc.) can connect to your son/daughter’s seesaw Journal and be involved in the same way you are.

We look forward to your involvement in Seesaw as soon as you are ready…in real-time…real soon!