Broadlands School


ERO Profile Report August 2022

This is the first ERO Report completed by the Education Review Office since 2015. (see link). The format is significantly different to past years following ERO’s new approach which is considerably more collaborative in working alongside our Evaluation Partner, with reviews on-going over a number of years. As part of this process, Strategic Priorities have been established which will be implemented and monitored by ERO over time. 

This ERO Report is in addition to the Charter documents can be found on the Broadlands School website which includes the past and current Strategic Overviews and the Annual Plans.

ERO Profile Report August 2022

Board Assurance Report August 2022

2015 ERO Quote:
“Students at Broadlands School achieve very well academically and enjoy an extensive range of sporting, cultural, leadership and social opportunities. School and board leadership is experienced and effective. Students are able to learn within a positive, respectful and supportive culture. Classroom teaching and learning is at a consistently high standard.”

ERO Report (30-06-2015)

2010 ERO Quote:
“The environment is welcoming and attractive, which reflects the priority that students, parents, teachers and trustees place on providing a high quality facility for teaching and learning.”

ERO Report (20-12-2010)