Broadlands School


2015 ERO Quote:
“Students at Broadlands School achieve very well academically and enjoy an extensive range of sporting, cultural, leadership and social opportunities. School and board leadership is experienced and effective. Students are able to learn within a positive, respectful and supportive culture. Classroom teaching and learning is at a consistently high standard.”

ERO Report (30-06-2015)

2010 ERO Quote:
“The environment is welcoming and attractive, which reflects the priority that students, parents, teachers and trustees place on providing a high quality facility for teaching and learning.”

ERO Report (20-12-2010)

From 2021, Broadlands School will be assigned an Evaluation Partner from ERO who will engage with the school more frequently. 

Evaluation Focus

For 2022, an collaborated  ‘Evaluation Focus’ (question) has been establised as follows:

‘How effectively are we targeting student learning needs through deliberate teaching processes and practices in writing?’

Rationale for Focus

The school have been involved in Accelerating Learning in Literacy (ALL) professional learning for four years. Over this time there were significant staff changes resulting in
some challenges around consistency and coherency of implementation.

There has been no formal in-depth evaluation focused on the impact of teacher practice on valued learner outcomes in writing other than mid-year and end-of-year
ALL reporting to the board of trustees (BoT) and Ministry of Education (MoE).

It is now timely for the school to evaluate this impact to ensure there is schoolwide coherent and effective practice for teaching and learning in writing.